COVID-19 and McFadden Mental Health

Information is being updated by the minute about Coronavirus. I am hoping for the best, but also taking reasonable precautions to serve both my patients and the public.

As of 4/25/20, I intend to be in the office as usual (Tuesday through Friday). If you feel traveling, and are not experiencing symptoms (fever, cough, or trouble breathing) you are welcome to come into the office. If you are having symptoms, or are concerned about exposure, let me know. We can do a phone call or virtual video meeting if you are in Pennsylvania or New Jersey at the time of our scheduled meeting.

In my office, the meetings are one-on-one - the lowest risk for any exposure. The office is large enough to allow appropriate social distancing. The Philadelphia Building has taken significant measures to keep surfaces clean and to provide hand sanitizer on each floor. I have a sink in my office if you want to wash your hands. I have been vacuuming and disinfecting surfaces in the office on Tuesday afternoon, Wednesday in the late evening, Thursday afternoon and Friday afternoon. The office is the cleanest it has ever been 😊

Until at least 5/8/20, I will be suspending any charges for late cancellations. I understand that this situation is evolving, and that you may need to make a last-minute decision. If you decide to not attend a meeting, please communicate with me. We could switch to a phone meeting at the scheduled time if appropriate, or iron out a new time in the near future.

Here are two links of interest, the CDC Guide to COVID-19 and the Philadelphia DPH Guide:

Let’s stay optimistic, take reasonable precautions…and smile. Viruses hate smiles.