Relax in 6 seconds!

Here is the YouTube link to my instructional video on the 6 second relaxation:

This is a technique taught to me almost 20 years ago by Linda Shrier, Ph.D. a volunteer faculty at my residency program. She described it as an “induction.” The technique both decreases physiologic tension, and increases your suggestibility. In other words, you relax and are willing to listen to a SUGGESTION you give yourself.

  1. Sit with hands on thighs
  2. Deep breath in and hold
  3. Close eyes
  4. Think “Alert Mind, Calm Body”*
  5. Begin to slowly exhale
  6. Feel the tension leave your jaw and tongue
  7. Feel a wave of heaviness and warmth in your hands, then your feet
  8. Smile inwardly
  9. Open your eyes

*The SUGGESTION is the mantra from step 4. This suggestion can be changed to whatever you like! I recommend people experiment to find their own best statement.

I like this technique because it is fast, and can be done anywhere. It can even be adapted if you are standing; just try putting you hands on your hips or in your pockets.

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