The REAL Dangers of Stimulants

Here is the link to my YouTube video on ADHD and Likeability:

Psychostimulants are powerful and effective medications. However, stimulants also have significant risks. Unfortunately, popular media focuses on the risks of abuse and diversion. Abuse can mean taking the medication for the purpose of intoxicaiton. Diversion can mean obtaining the medication to sell it.

However, for well-intentioned people, the risks are quite different. I review the most common I see in my practice, including:

  1. Adverse affects (for instance: tics, tremors, palpitations, irritability, insomnia, headaches, dry-mouth, and changes in blood pressure and heart rate)
  2. Trying to “cheat” sleep
  3. Fueling bad habits
  4. Accellerating self-critical or anxious thoughts.

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