YouTube Videos - Self-Scheduling and Positive Responses to CoVid19

Here is a link to my first YouTube video, “Mental Health and Coronavirus”

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A brief summary: A March, 2020 poll conducted by the American Psychiatric Association ( reported that 48% of Americans are anxious about getting coronavirus, 40% are anxious about serious illness and death, and 62% are anxious about the possibiility of loved ones getting the virus. Trouble sleeping, use of substances, fights with loved ones and trouble concentrating are the most commonly reported behavioral impacts. Most media outlets have turned their attention to the negatives people are experiecing during this time.

My approach to psychotherapy is partly based on the belief that elements of health and illness are experienced together. Here are the themes of health and wellness that I have heard from my patients:

  1. An opportunity to return to the tried and true basics of their treatment plans. May people have used this time as an opportunity to remember the specifics of how they make healthy decisions, have clear thoughts, and enhance their emotional regulation. They have been pleased to see that these fundamentals are working despite this enormous change in the reality of the world.
  2. A chance to improve communications with their loved ones. Accepting the “we are stuck in this together” has led to efforts of both parties to try again with difficult subjects. Two guidelines I suggest are Habermaas’ “Ideal Speech Situation” and “Crucial Conversations” by Switzler, Grenny and McMillan.
  3. A reenergizing of their efforts with public health and social distancing. Especially for sensitive people who are pro-social, and people who want to make a positive difference, it has been hard for them to feel like they aren’t helping. They remember that following the public health restrictions are practicing droplet precaution guidelines IS helping society! And smilling helps too.

Viruses hate smiles.

Here is the link to my second YouTube video, “Self Scheduling During Covid-19”:

The most common stumbling block of self scheduling is self criticism. It is hard! Don’t make it about “willpower” or some character flaw…it is just difficult.

The five pillars of succeeding at creating your own schedule?

  1. Prioritize responsibilities and dreams
  2. Be arbitrary
  3. Be bold
  4. Make adjustments
  5. Review results